About DePaul Healthcare


DePaul Healthcare has provided the highest standard of care for residents and patients over the past 30 years in our assisted-living facilities located throughout Southern and Central New Jersey. As a family-owned company, we have full and consistent ownership of our properties and we do not compromise our standards. Hence we are able to continuously achieve our mission to meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of our residents and patients with compassion and understanding.



Our Standards

All of the DePaul Healthcare assisted-living facilities in Central and South Jersey provide top-of-the-line care to the residents and patients that rely on us. Our assisted living facilities achieved an Advance Standing with the NJ Department of Health. We at DePaul Healthcare hold ourselves to the highest standards of care. We believe that our ability to meet these standards are the direct result of our ability to attract and retain qualified and dedicated staff who share our commitment to providing the best level of care.



Our Staff


As a family owned facility, we at DePaul Healthcare believe that finding employees who share our vision for the care of our patients is top priority. We invest resources that allow our employees to continually grow and become leaders in the industry. Our services are team-coordinated among our compassionate staff of professional caregivers, activities professionals, nurses, and food service teams.


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