I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all the kindness you gave to my mother during her 8 ½ year stay at Rose Hill. During that time, she gained new friends which became her extended family. As the years passed, thanks to you and your staff, she came to feel that she was in a safe, comfortable environment with people who cared about her.

In the last 8 weeks of her life, the courtesies you extended to her went beyond any expectations we could have imagined. To have your staff watch over her during the night when she needed more help was quite comforting to both my mother and me. I was able to sleep at night knowing your staff was looking out for her.

In the last two weeks of her life, you allowed her to die with dignity in her own room surrounded by her “extended” family. This was her last wish and you were able to fulfill it. My family and I will always be grateful for this.

Rose Hill was a second home to my mother and I, too, feel it was a very big part of her life. Thank you again for all you and your staff has done for my mom during her stay there. I would not hesitate to recommend Rose Hill highly to anyone who is looking for or needs an assisted living.


I want to thank you for the 9 ½ years my mother spent at Rose Hill. Despite the fact that she could be difficult at times, you treated her with respect and provided a caring environment for her at all times. I appreciate so much the efforts of everyone that attended to my mother over the years. My heartfelt appreciation for all the wonderful years my mother spent at Rose Hill. You can be sure I will recommend Rose Hill highly to any potential resident.

With warmest regards,

I am writing on behalf of my family to thank you and your staff for the kindness and support provided to our sister, Mollye, during the period she lived at Rose Hill.  My brother, Tom and I had many visits with her over the past fifteen months and always found the staff to be courteous and responsive to our requests for information and assistance.  Our brother, Bob and sister, Kathy also spent time interacting with Rose Hill personnel.

Our first contact was with Sal Angelico, who gave us a tour, provided information and answered our many questions.  She was very helpful with all the arrangements necessary for Mollye to move into her unit, and quite an effort was required to make it happen.

Throughout the approximate fifteen months that Mollye received care from the Nursing Staff, Blair Migliaccio was attentive, competent and professional.  My brother, Tom and I have much respect for her.  Let me not neglect to add that they were both very patient with out sister, a virtue much appreciated.

Bodine Saint-Louis spent considerable time attending to Mollye’s many needs and did so with good humor and affection.

Whenever we arrived at the front desk, we found a smile and were made to feel welcome by Kathy Podgurski.  She readily gave us help.

Heid Franz came to Rose Hill recently and quickly became a familiar and helpful presence.  She was not expected to serve our sister’s direct needs, but often volunteered to help as needed.

No doubt I have neglected to list some staff who cared for Mollye, but those I have mentioned are the individuals who we met most often.  It has been a very difficult period for all of us, but the help and encouragement we found at Rose Hill will not be forgotten.  Sincerely, George A. Carroll, Thomas J. Carroll, Robert J. Carroll and Kathleen C. Dougherty.